If you wish to feel a real spirit of Italy or remember what does it feel like, taste excelent and food, be surrounded by professional and attentive attendants – Portofino is a perfect place to visit, be and come back.


Portofino is all about Italy food, wines, music – even interior narrates  visitors about this special and magical place in the world. All this is not only words – most of the furniture in our restaurant came from antique shops in Italy – it really has a lot to tell. As well as unique fireplace, which is decorated with original tiles from the XIX-XX century. Imprinted original Sicilian ceramicists signatureswitness authenticity of this fireplace. A lot of carefully selected details that also came from Italy create a perfectly cozy atmosphere.

Our attentive and organized personnel will help you to organize any kind of celebration or business event.

Ši svetainė naudoja slapukus

Ši svetainė naudoja slapukus, kad pagerintų naudotojų patirtį. Naudodamiesi mūsų svetaine, jūs sutinkate su visais slapukais pagal mūsų slapukų politiką.